Body polish – 60 min

“Shed your skin.”

Recommended if you have dry skin or want to feel refreshed. This treatment includes a 40min scrub using a blend of exfoliants, a wash and a moisturizing massage to soothe and hydrate your fresh new skin.



Mud Wrap – 95min or 60min

“Lift your head out of the mud.”

Recommended if you want to start detoxifying your body, reduce joint inflammation/pain or to treat your body to something different. This treatment is available in two ways. The Deluxe includes: 30min full body scrub, 35min mud wrap, 30min moisturizing massage to rehydrate and soothe the skin. If you prefer just a mud application try the Express. We use 100% Dead Sea Mud, which is packed with nutrient-rich minerals.

Deluxe $150

Express $80


Bacial – 60min

“Can you wash my back?”

Recommended if you are experiencing any number of skin conditions on your back, such as acne, rashes, irritation or dry itchy skin. This treatment includes the following steps: cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, Dead Sea Mud masque, a moisture infusion and a massage.