Mindfulness Meditation – A Way to Inner Peace & Happiness

Wednesdays (6:30 – 8:00pm) from September 21 to October 30 2016.

Session leader Adrian Gordon has been practicing meditation for over 35 years under the guidance of several leading meditation teachers.

The practice of Meditation developed by the Buddha is over 2500 years old & developed specifically to support physical & mental well-being by helping us to understand & reduce what causes us stress & disease.

This weekly session is intended for beginners as well as those who have been practicing Meditation for some time & will include concentration (Samatha) & insight (Vipassana) techniques. It will include discussions on the fundamental issues that cause stress & unhappiness in our lives including moral behaviour, the three characteristics of existence, our understanding of who we are, karma, & dukkha which is commonly mistranslated as suffering.

Kindly inform Natura Spa of your attendance as space is limited.

       Chairs are provided.  If you prefer to sit cross-legged please bring your own cushion.

       Dress comfortably, avoid tight-fitting clothes.

       Bring a water bottle.


Call us at (905) 628-8848
or e-mail us naturaspaandsalon@gmail.com